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The purpose of this site is to facilitate a better understanding of the current opinions of neonatologists. Your participation is desired and needed. Please carefully read the introduction then fill out the  1 minute survey below. This survey is time limited and will close soon. ONLY NEONATOLOGISTS SHOULD COMPLETE THIS SURVEY! Please do not attempt to take the survey more than once.

The Colorado Theater Shooting has refocused natinal attention on the question of whether or not assault weapons should be legal for purchase in the United States. There is very limited data to suggest that bans on assualt weapons do decrease shootings associated with these specific weaspon that comes from the Maryland experience (see reference below as an example).

Weil DS, Knox RC. The Maryland ban on the sale of assault pistols and high-capacity magazines: estimating the impact in Baltimore. Am J Public Health. 1997 Feb;87(2):297-8.

The general public may not have the ability to analyze the validity of data (or its absence), however all neonatologists are required to do two years of research as part of their training in fellowship and are expected to be able to interpret data as part of their ability to read the neonatal literature.

Pediatricians have been surveyed in the recent past about firearms and found to have a majority opinion that not only assault weapons but hand guns too should be illegal (see reference below).

Olson LM, Christoffel KK, O’Connor KG. Pediatricians’ experience with and attitudes toward firearms. Results of a national survey. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 1997 Apr;151(4):352-9.

To our knowledge, no one has ever specifically surveyed Neonatologists on this issue. We though it would be of interest to do so.

Thanks so much! You have completed the Survey. We would appreciate it if you would share this snap survey with other neonatologists that might be interested in participating (using the share buttons immediately below).



  1. Phil,

    I too own several firearms. I read your comments with great interest and will “ponder” my long held beliefs. While I respect President 41 very much, I am an NRA member and will advocate sever punishment for anyone who violates the laws on the USA. Thanks for your thoughts.


  2. The issue of “right to bear arms” is less the issue than the “right of any individual to protect oneself and others from injury or death” by using the most current and effective means available. It is absolutely clear that, while they may occasionally be able to apprehend and punish criminals, our judicial and law enforcement systems are incapable of protecting us from personal violence. Murder, assault, and rape are NOT going to be eliminated or significantly reduced by taking the means of protection away from the only one in a position to prevent the crime from happening; the victim. Our problem is radical polarity of views. Most reasonable people see the need for weapons which provide “protection” or are used to hunt but are not in favor of weapons which are clearly “offensive” in nature such as “assault weapons”. They are, however, susceptible to the warning that if laws to limit the numbers or types of guns are allowed that the “slippery slope” will lead to all weapons being banished. The groups which propose banishing all weapons are the biggest reason that groups which want no laws limiting weapons are so successful. If any proposed law to limit types of firearms contained wording which absolutely prevented gradual elimination of firearms, that might actually received support from the majority of voters.

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