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The purpose of this site is to facilitate a better understanding of the current opinions of neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners. Your participation is desired and needed. Please carefully read and fill out the  2 minute survey below. This survey is time limited and will close soon. ONLY NEONATOLOGISTS AND NEONATAL NURSE PRACTITIONERS SHOULD COMPLETE THIS SURVEY! Please do not attempt to take the survey more than once.

 The American Association of Pediatrics recently published a policy statement on breastfeeding and human milk (which can be found at this web address: Specifically for neonatology, they made the following recommendations:


Hospitals and physicians should recommend human milk for premature and other high-risk infants either by direct breastfeeding and/or using the mother’s own expressed milk.13 Maternal support and education on breastfeeding and milk expression should be provided from the earliest possible time. Mother-infant skin-to-skin contact and direct breastfeeding should be encouraged as early as feasible.204,205 Fortification of expressed human milk is indicated for many very low birth weight infants.13 

Banked human milk may be a suitable feeding alternative for infants whose mothers are unable or unwilling to provide their own milk. Human milk banks in North America adhere to national guidelines for quality control of screening and testing of donors and pasteurize all milk before distribution.206–208  Fresh human milk from unscreened donors is not recommended because of the risk of transmission of infectious agents.

 Please answer the following five questions:




Thanks so much! You have completed the Survey. We would appreciate it if you would share this snap survey with other neonatal caregivers that might be interested in participating (using the share buttons immediately below).


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