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The purpose of this site is to facilitate a better understanding of the current opinions of neonatal nurse pratitioners. Your participation is desired and needed. Please carefully read and fill out the  1 minute survey below. You may only choose one answer per question. This survey is time limited and will close soon. ONLY NEONATAL NURSE PRACTITIONERS SHOULD COMPLETE THIS SURVEY! Please do not attempt to take the survey more than once.

NANNP recently released a position statement regarding 24 hours shifts and sleep deprivation (click here to read the entire document).

Below is their Summary of Recommendations:

1. Maximum shift length should be 24 hours, regardless of work setting and patient acuity.

2. A period of protected sleep time should be provided following 16 consecutive hours of working.

3. The maximum number of working hours per week should be 60 hours.


Thanks so much! You have completed the Survey. We would appreciate it if you would share this snap survey with other neonatal nurse practioners that might be interested in participating (using the share buttons immediately below).


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